The $1.25 ALDI buy that will transform your shower screen – with no scrubbing

It’s the budget ALDI product that’s been called a “miracle spray” by fans, responsible for transforming ovens, grout, jewellery and even wedding dresses.

But now the supermarket’s $1.25 Di-San Pre Wash Stain Remover laundry spray is being hailed as the easiest new way to clean your shower screen.

ALDI shoppers have been inundating Facebook groups with photos and reviews of how the unlikely cleaning product has transformed their bathrooms – often with no scrubbing required.

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Many say they simply just generously spray the budget product all over the glass, leave for a few hours – even overnight or 12 hours if you can – and then rinse off.

The results? “Total game changer!” said one.

“Wow! I saw a post about using Di-San on your shower. Sprayed the whole shower glass and all with this yesterday morning washed it off last night and the results are amazing!’ wrote one fan on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

Added another: “I sprayed it on and actually forgot about it for three hours. I used the purple one. Anyway, I just hosed it off with my shower head and I was impressed.”

Mum Tiara took to the Mums Who Clean page to post photos of her Di-San shower transformation.

The  .25 ALDI buy that will transform your shower screen – with no scrubbing

“Have seen the posts about using Di-San on shower glass - the one thing in my house I dread cleaning!” she wrote.

“So thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give it ago. Really happy with how it turned out.”

Another fan Faye also shared snaps of bathroom makeover, courtesy of Di-San.

“I get terrible calcium build up in my shower on the glass,” she wrote on Mums Who Clean.

“Usually I use vinegar and dishwashing detergent to clean but wanted to keep going on the Di-San bandwagon. Another game changer. Before and after pics.”

Other ALDI shoppers revealed how they used Di-San to shift really stubborn marks from their shower screens, with light scrubbing.

“Tried Di-San on my shower glass where I’ve struggled to clean the soap residue for 2 years!” wrote Maya on the Aldi Mums page.

“Results are in the photos too. After leaving the Di-San sprayed on for 5-10mins, I sprayed the Powerforce Pro Bath & Shower Cleaner and scrubbed the glass with a warm soapy sponge! So happy!”

Added another: “I can’t believe how good and cheap it is.”

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