The genius scourer hack that will make cleaning your shower ‘100 times easier’

It’s the genius bathroom cleaning hack that many Australians swear by - using dishwashing tablets to remove stubborn marks and cloudy residue from your shower screens.

But while the hack has been given the big thumbs up by many, there’s no denying that scrubbing with a slippery little dishwashing tablet can be a little challenging ... until now.

In the video above: Mum shares genius cubby house hack

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Mum Jane has revealed her simple hack for cleaning her shower screen with a dishwashing tablet - and it’s one of the most ingenious things you’ll ever seen.

Sharing on the incredible Mums Who Clean Facebook page, Jane reveals how she cut a hole the same size as her dishwashing tablet into her scourer using a stanley knife.

She then wedged the dishwashing tablet into the hole, meaning she could scrub away while the tablet works its wonders on the shower screen. Love it!

Jane writes: ‘I’ve spent a fortune trying everything under the sun with nothing making a difference to the hard water stains [on my shower screen].

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‘Read on here about Woolies dishwasher tablets, so thought I’d try that one first. My shower is actually clean, after months of trying everything finally something worked. I cut a hole in a scouter sponge with a Stanley knife to make it easier to scrub.’

The genius scourer hack that will make cleaning your shower ‘100 times easier’

Adds Jane: ‘I tried just the tablet but had to wet it continuously, so came up with the scoured sponge ... just dipped in [cold] water.’

Many were blown away by the simple scourer idea.

‘That would be easier to hold for sure works great on oven door too,’ said one. Added another: ‘Great hack!’

Said a third: ‘I think you should patent this. Seriously!’ Added one more: ‘So giving this a go! You’re a genius!’

EARLIER: It’s already become the cleaning hack of 2020 - using dishwashing tablets to transform hard-to-clean surfaces.

We’ve already seen some using the new trick on their oven doors using Aldi dishwashing tablets - and now shower screens are getting miracle makeovers using the unlikely hack.

Sharing her shower screen transformation on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, member Amanda reveals the difference a Woolworths dishwashing tablet made to the glass which had been severely affected by hard water.

She writes: ‘Just tried the dishwasher tablet on my calcium shower screen. I have very hard water and it builds up quite quick. A+ from me.’

Revealing her technique, she adds: ‘Just wet the tablet (mine are just the cheap ones from Woolies.) and start scrubbing I did use a spray bottle with vinegar to keep wetting the surface.’

Of course, it’s important to use rubber gloves when cleaning with dishwashing tablets to avoid harsh chemicals.

Mums on the group said they too had achieved amazing results on their screens with the hack.

Said one: ‘Just finished doing my whole shower with one tablet for the first time. Never going back. Hahaha. Put a cleaning glove on and wet the tablet and start scrubbing with it. Rinse in between.’

Added another: ‘I just tried this half an hour ago it brang mine up amazing! I cant wait to do my other shower.”