These shower cleaning hacks really work

After moving into a new home without seeing all the pictures first, Ella Duryea quickly realised her mistake. She was horrified to discover black mould crawling up the walls of her new bathroom.

"It took two of us eight hours of absolutely non-stop scrubbing, and a good hour just to do the shower alone!"

To tackle the issue, Ella sprayed everything down with the 30 Second Shower Clean spray from Bunnings, followed by a generous spritz of CLR cleaner on the screen. After letting this soak for an hour and a half, she sprayed it all down again with the same products before scrubbing."I went in hard with a grout brush and a bottle of domestos disinfectant bleach and scrubbed for almost a full hour, making sure to get each individual tile. I absolutely swear by the grout brush for scrubbing anything!"

She then cleaned the glass shower screen with a scourer and Simple Green shower restorer, which she left for 10 minutes before rinsing with hot water.

These shower cleaning hacks really work

Keen cleaning fans are using a combination of Aldi's Di San pre-wash stain remover - Degreaser with a cleaning eraser from Kmart.

"Thank you to whomever shared the $1.50 Aldi stain remover as a hack for shower screens. Teamed with Kmart magic erasers, our showers are sparkling. Also worked a treat on our grout," enthused one fan on Facebook.

But the stain remover is not the only Aldi cleaning product getting rave reviews on social media.

One mum said that she cleaned her daughter's show with Aldi dishwashing liquid and vinegar: "No scrubbing, it was amazing," she said.

She explained that she used a 750ml spray bottle and filled it with one-third dishwashing liquid and the rest with white vinegar.

"I sprayed it on, went about my business for an hour or so and then just wiped it clean," she said.