This spray prevents glasses from fogging while wearing a mask

If you wear glasses, you know the struggle while donning a mask: As your glasses continuously fog up, you contort your face, tilt your frames just so, squint, wipe and re-wipe your lenses in an effort to see.

Our bespectacled editors know this struggle too well. That’s why we decided to give FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution ($12.99, originally $14; a go. And reader, let us tell you: It had us whistling “I can see clearly now” as we perused the grocery aisles, foggy lenses but a distant memory.

This spray prevents glasses from fogging while wearing a mask

FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution is a spray-on solution; just apply, wait five minutes and you’re good to go. During our testing, we didn’t experience any streaking or weird spots after applying. We were actually surprised, after dousing our lenses with the spray, how quickly and evenly it dried.

We tested the spray’s effectiveness by wearing our glasses with a mix of masks: medical masks, cotton masks and even bandanas. No matter the type of face covering, or whether outside or inside shops, we did not experience any fogging. Even breathing onto the lenses and wearing them inside a bathroom shortly after a hot shower did not produce any noticeable fogging.

The company claims the spray lasts 24 hours before requiring reapplication, and we found that to be accurate; our glasses started to fog up shortly after the 24-hour mark during our two days of testing. So, you’ll certainly need to reapply daily. We did notice a slight moisture buildup when using the spray and wearing a mask, but nothing that was too noticeable, and it never affected our vision.

To be honest, we’d be willing to pay more than the $12.99 sale price for the FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution. And, since you’ll be reapplying every day, it’s best to opt for either the two-pack ($22.99, originally $30; or the three-pack ($29.99, originally $60;