TikTok cleaner shows how Kmart window vacuum leaves shower door sparkling

A professional cleaner has racked up nearly one million views on a video that shows how she transformed her "grubby" shower door using a A$30 Kmart item – and now everyone wants one.

In the TikTok clip, the Australian, who goes by the handle @cleanwithbeth, explains that she's been on the hunt for a shower vacuum for a while but couldn't justify spending more than A$200 for one at Bunnings.

So instead she decided to try her luck with Kmart's much cheaper alternative, and to her surprise, it did an "awesome" job, with thousands of other users also blown away by the results.

"I'll be giving my shower screens a much-needed clean. They are well overdue and looking pretty grubby," she begins the video, while showing off the dirty screen.

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She starts the process by spritzing her shower screen with water before applying the cleaning agent Bar Keepers Friend to create a soapy paste and rubbing it in using her Scrub Daddy sponge.

After rubbing it in circular motions for a few minutes, the pro cleaner then goes straight in with her Kmart Window Vacuum Cleaner.

"I see these in Bunnings all the time, but they're like A$200 and I just cannot justify spending that much on one," she explains.

"So, I thought I'd give the Kmart one a go and honestly I was so impressed. I just buffed it dry with a microfibre cloth after and it did amazing."

Hundreds of people have since commented on her post saying they can't wait to try it too.

TikTok cleaner shows how Kmart window vacuum leaves shower door sparkling

"Looks like I am going to Kmart," one person joked.

"We need this!!" another person wrote, tagging their friend.

"Legit just bought it online now!!!!" a third wrote, while others described it as a "game changer."

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"I saw this at Kmart and was wondering what it was like! I'll buy one now haha," another keen user added.

In another video, the cleaner explains the only reason she bought it was for its vacuum feature.

"It has a spray function, but I would use a product and it also has a washer to wash your window, but I would use a Scrub Mommy or Scrub Daddy (sponge)," she advised.

"It also has an awesome vacuum function – this is what I bought it for. I really just wanted a window vac but I did not want to spend A$200 plus on one from Bunnings."

She told viewers that while it's a much cheaper alternative, it still does the job.

"Obviously it's a Kmart appliance so let's not lie here and act like it's five-star – it's not," she said.

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"But for A$30 it does a pretty awesome job. I (use it) nice and slow and it turns out really damn amazing for A$30."

With so many people left gobsmacked by the results, Beth was forced to film another video to prove her glass door was in fact real and just super clean.

"Lots of people seem to agree with comment – 'Don't lie there's no door in the last bit' – so here I am showing that there is a door on my shower. No lie, it's just clean," she said.