What! Pandya Store's Rishita aka Simran tortures Krish aka Mohit for this reason, Deet Inside

MUMBAI: TellyChakkar is back with yet another update from the entertainment world. 'Pandya Store' on Starplus has made a place in everyone’s heart with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. Fans really appreciate each character in the show and shower their love on the characters from the show.

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Pandya Store's cast is always up with something or the other for their fans. And they are back with another gig which will definitely crack you up.

Simran aka Rishita has shared a hilarious video in which we can see she is waxing Krish aka Mohit's legs to give a trial of how much pain women experience during this procedure. Mohit's reaction is what has caught fans' attention and they can't stop laughing out loud.

What! Pandya Store's Rishita aka Simran tortures Krish aka Mohit for this reason, Deet Inside

Simran has captained the post as '' Golmaaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai…!! Can u hear how much our Director Is Enjoying? ''

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Fans can't contain their excitement and are very much what's going to happen in the upcoming episode. Moreover, they are loving the off-screen rapport that actors share on the sets. Also demanding more such fun thrilling videos from the cast.

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Currently, We exclusively learned that the kidnapping confusion is going to be extremely interesting, while Dhara's plan turns out to work but Gombi messes up and now Dhara's team decides to kidnap Shiva and Gombi together, on the other hand, Raavi is all decked up and sitting in the mandap waiting for Shiva. What will happen when the kidnapped groom will reach mandap?

Are you all excited about the upcoming sequence?

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