Which type of shower enclosure should I choose for my bathroom?

The shower enclosure is a highly functional element as it separates the wet area from the dry area and also determines the overall look of the bathroom. Factors like size and shape of the bathroom along with the position of the window should be taken into consideration while selecting the type of shower enclosure. If you are planning on renovating your bathroom, here are 9 types of shower enclosures to choose from.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

A frameless glass shower enclosure is most popular for both compact as well as spacious bathrooms as it offers unobstructed views and long sight lines in the bathroom. One can opt for a hinged door, sliding door or a bi-fold door for the frameless shower enclosure. These are fabricated and customised as per the exact measurements of the bathroom.

Framed Shower Enclosure

In a framed shower enclosure, the glass is inserted within brass, aluminium or chrome finish sections that can give the shower enclosure a panelled or a grid like appearance. The different types of glass that are used for the shower enclosure include toughened glass, frosted glass, etched glass, textured glass or coloured laminated glass in different thicknesses.

Which type of shower enclosure should I choose for my bathroom?

Fixed Glass Partition

A fixed glass partition can be introduced to cover a small section of the shower area to prevent water from splashing. The fixed glass should be installed adjacent to the wall having the bathroom fixtures.

Pre-fabricated Shower Cubicle

Pre-fabricated acrylic shower cubicles are practical, space-saving, ergonomic, look stylish and are available in a plethora of options. The pre-fabricated shower cubicles come with pre-installed faucets, a head shower, a towel rail etc., while the premium range of shower cubicles may include other luxurious features like a rainfall shower head, built-in seating and steam jets. The best part about a pre-fabricated shower cubicle is that it is easy to install, watertight and available in different price ranges that can suit your budget.

Solid Shower Enclosure

Create a private and cosy shower area with a solid brick wall and clad it with wall tiles. One can opt for a doorless opening to access the shower enclosure or access the shower area with a glass door.

Tile and Glass Enclosure

A combination of glass insets within solid tiled walls is a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing shower enclosure which can also bring in plenty of natural light.

Glass Brick Enclosure

Create a shower enclosure within a spacious bathroom with glass bricks that are available in different colours and textures. It is advisable to create a semi-open or half-height shower enclosure with glass bricks so that the space does not feel claustrophobic.

Open shower

Create an open shower area by separating the wet area from the dry area of the bathroom with a tiled wall.

Shower Curtain

This is one of the simplest ways to create a shower enclosure within an existing bathroom. The curtains can be drawn while bathing and opened when the shower area is not in use. Make sure you match the design of the shower curtain with the colour scheme and theme of the bathroom.


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