Woman says Cif Cream and plastic bag are all you need to get a gleaming shower screen with no scrubbing

Particularly if you live in a hard water area, you’ll be well acquainted with having to scrub your shower screen vigorously to remove water marks and limescale.

Hero products like Cif Cream and Elbow Grease are favoured by cleanfluencers due to their abrasive qualities that help slough off the stubborn marks.

However, this tip can make the cleaning products even more effective, and reduce the need to scrub.

Not only does it apparently make our chore list a whole lot easier, but it’s also totally free.

A woman on the Australian cleaning group Mums Who Clean shared how she uses Cif Cream cleaner (known as Jif down under) and puts a plastic bag on her hand to apply it to the glass.

She wrote on the post: ‘So I was told about this hack to clean shower screens and decided to try myself, OMG!”

‘Sprinkle some [Cif] onto your screens and get a plastic bag – yes you heard that right – wear it like a glove and wash your screens. It works!

Woman says Cif Cream and plastic bag are all you need to get a gleaming shower screen with no scrubbing

‘It keeps it clean for so long! And it is so easy – no scrubbing needed and nothing else to clean it with. Try it and thank me later!’

Comments poured in saying they’d tried the technique and had great results, with added instructions to make sure the screen is thoroughly wet before cleaning and rinsed off completely at the end.

The tip checks out logic-wise. Cif Cream is so great at stubborn marks because of tiny scrubbing particles that buff them away.

While it works brilliantly when you use a sponge or cloth, using a plastic bag means that none of those abrasive particles get lost in the fibres, all getting to work on your glass instead.

It’s a similar idea to using a silicone beauty blender to apply foundation – why give the sponge all the product?!

If, like us, you’re sick of scouring your screens, you’ll give this handy tip a go.

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