Woman shares how to cut a mango without wasting any of it using wine glass hack

Chantel Mila, a mum from Melbourne, has impressed her followers by showing off a ‘life hack’ for peeling and cutting a mango.

Posting a video on TikTok, Mila explained that she had three top life hacks that she swears by, such as storing leafy green vegetables in an airtight container with a dampened paper towel to keep them fresh.

But, it was her second life hack that had people stunned, saying that the best way to peel a mango without wasting any part of the mango was to use a wine glass.

Now, we’ve all had that annoyed feeling when trying to cut a mango – not knowing where the stone is, we often hack away carelessly and end up wasting a lot of the not-cheap fruit.

But, according to Chantel, you have to start by carefully cutting the mango into two halves, which fellow TikTok user Jaira Tagle suggests doing easily by treating it like an avocado. Slice a knife around the middle of the fruit but don’t cut all the way through, and then twist the mango until it comes apart.

Then, Chantel says you should grab a wide-rimmed wine glass, hold it in one hand with the mango in your other hand, then scoop the mango out, splitting it away from the skin into the glass.

Woman shares how to cut a mango without wasting any of it using wine glass hack

As mangoes are soft, the wine glass will easily cut through the flesh, and if you keep it as close to the skin as you can manage, you won’t be left with bits of mango that will go uneaten.

Chantel says this life hack minimises wastage. Her TikTok video has been viewed over 60,000 times and several viewers commented that they would want to give these hacks ‘a go’.

For anyone who loves fruit, and mangoes, but are stressed out by the prospect of how to cut it up properly, Chantel is right – all you need is a wine glass.

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