www.makeuseof.com 9 Portable Projector Screen Alternatives

There are a lot of ways to jury-rig a homemade projector screen anywehere.

The great thing about portable movie projectors is that the party goes wherever you do. The backyard? Your school auditorium? If you've got something sturdy to mount the video projector on, you can try any cheap projector screen alternative on this list.

1. A Bed Sheet

It's easy to use a bed sheet as a DIY projector screen. All you need is something to drape it over or some way of affixing it to your wall.

We love this cheap projector screen alternative for outdoor patio situations especially. Think: tiki lights, inflatable furniture, astroturf, and Sleepless in Seattle, blown up to titanic proportions.

2. A Shower Curtain

The same as above can be said of any ordinary shower curtain. We wouldn't recommend using the one in your actual shower, however. That would be kind of gross.

If this is the way for you, try to find something white and as matte as possible for the sake of your final picture quality. A matte movie projector screen is much less likely to glare during the show.

3. The Outside of Your House

Stucco and plaster exteriors make a great alternative projector screen. The side of any white house will usually be big enough for an entire crowd to enjoy.

We've never tried using a house with siding as a projector screen alternative, but when you've got no other choice, it might be worth a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


www.makeuseof.com 9 Portable Projector Screen Alternatives

4. The Side of a Large, White Vehicle

This one is handy to keep in mind because it may happen totally out of the blue, no planning or extra work required. If you happen to have your portable movie projector or even a video projector for a phone on-hand, you're good to go. Let the cards fall where they may.

What's a loitering ticket in exchange for Stuart Little 2 at midnight with your friends in a local Walmart parking lot? The memories will last us a lifetime.

5. A Garage Door or a White Fence

A white garage door or fence is probably the best alternative for projector screens if you're throwing a large, outdoor party. A patriotic movie playing in the background of your 4th of July she-bang sets a great mood, for example. Your neighbors will thank you for it.

Smart projectors are perfect for the adventurous. Movie night is always so much more fun outside, especially on a warm, balmy summer evening.

6. A White Project Board or Cardboard With White Paint

This one is self-explanatory. If you've got no stand, no tape, or nowhere to drape a bed sheet, this is the perfect, rigid, low-maintenance option for you. You can stick it anywhere without worrying about it flopping over.

A cardboard, posterboard, or paper projector screen, much like a shower curtain projector screen, should be matte for the best picture quality possible. If all that you have is ordinary cardboard, you can alternatively make a DIY painted projector screen if you've got the stuff on-hand.

7. A Big Rock

If you and the gang are kicking it in Joshua Tree for the weekend, you're going to need some way to keep yourselves occupied while you wait for the psychedelics to take root in your innermost selves.

Some outdoor camping venues may present ample opportunity in this category. It's one of the largest possible output resolutions you may be able to find in the wild for free. You didn't hear it from us.

Rock formations in the desert or near the shoreline, the faces of cliffs, or any other large, sufficiently broad surface will do. For rocks that are big enough but too dark or uneven, you can give the aforementioned bed sheet or shower curtain treatment a shot, too. If you use your mini projector a lot, keeping either in your car or kit might be one wise emergency provision.

8. The Ceiling

We'll be honest: we watched Ponyo this way. It wasn't bad. If you're super desperate and have darker walls, why not give the ceiling a shot?

Depending on your set-up, this might give you neck strain. For off-beat alternative projector screen content, such as constellation-spotting apps or even multiplayer gaming, it might work in a pinch.

9. An Ordinary Wall

Most people have at least one white wall in your home. If you're one of the few and the proud, you've got everything you need, ready to go. All that's left? The perfect mini movie projector.

Movie Night? Game Time? Smart Projectors Are Perfect for Every Occasion

Portable projectors are the most convenient way to make the best of your viewing environment, wherever you may be. You can customize the experience to the best possible configuration of factors at your disposal.

Once you've been using a movie projector for long enough, the opportunities that surround you will become more than apparent. Try these cheap projector screen alternatives out the next time the TV in your living room just isn't cutting the mustard.

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