You can now buy a dishwashing tablet spray to clean ovens and showers from Woolworths and Coles

Dishwashing tablets have fast become the cult cleaning product of 2020, with thousands using them to transform showers, ovens and even washing machines.

But if scrubbing away with a little tablet isn’t your style, we have exciting news for you.

Fairy Dishwashing Tablets has just unveiled an ‘Easy Spray’ – where you can get all the cleaning benefits of the tablets in the convenience of a spray.

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Available at Woolworths and Coles, the Fairy dishwashing tablet spray has been a hit with cleaning fans across Australia.

While it’s meant to be used directly on dirty saucepans and dishes, many have praised the “miracle spray” as being perfect for a whole range of cleaning problems. One fan has even said it’s the “best new product on the market”.

You can now buy a dishwashing tablet spray to clean ovens and showers from Woolworths and Coles

“Ok I’ve just found the easiest way to clean the top of my kitchen cupboards! Thought I’d get up and see how bad it was (it was really bad!!!!),” fan Jo said on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

“Tried Koh and left it a while, wiped and all it did was to ball up the mess and left so much residue. I remembered the Fairy Easy Spray I just bought and figured “why not”! Sprayed, left for like 30 seconds then wiped with paper towel. Et voila!! Super clean no residue at all.”

Mums Who Clean member Natalie also said: “Omg, I just tried the Fairy dishwasher spray on my shower screens - amazing!!!”

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Said a third: “Wouldn’t have believed it, but seriously sprayed on my shower door and screens wiped away with no effort at all. Love this stuff, nice smell as well. Hope it never leaves the shelf.”

Added one more: “I used it on my oven, which was filthy. I didn’t have to scrub – I just sprayed it and then all the gunk came off. It’s miracle spray.”

Said another: “It’s great to use on saucepans and pans too. I’m obsessed with the stuff. And much easier than using a dishwashing tablet. Best new product on the market.”

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